Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My First.

I was ten years old when I brought my very first cook book.

It was at Bellvue Hospital at one of those book sales they used to hold in the lobby.

I had 20 dollars on me at the time and I spent the whole 20 on The Betty Crocker's Ultimate Cookie Book. Mom at hearing how much I purchased the book for said it was expensive and how could a cookie book cost so much money, but I didn't care.

I was excited to have it and looked through the pages over and over and over again on my train ride home, trying to decide which cookie would I bake first. I couldn't decide because everything looked good and all the pictures of the cookies looked so delicious. The even had recipes for brownies and bars too. To me, this cook book was totally the best thing ever!

Everything I've baked from that cook book came out delicious. When my neice and I decide to bake cookies together, this is the cook book I give her so she can choose what cookie we're going to make, so I guess it wasn't such a waste of money after all, lol.

Today, even though my cook book collection has grown bigger, the Betty Crocker's Ultimate Cookie Book is still the first book I look through when I decide I want to make cookies.


  1. My budgies love their millet. And I love baking cookies. Where can I get this wonderful book.

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  3. I love the story that goes along with this book! I'm sure it was well worth the $20 and will be a cookbook heirloom. What's the best recipe in it?

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